Welcome to the THUNDERDOME!

Welcome to the THUNDERDOME!

Welcome to Dousing the FIRE, where I bitch, moan, and generally give a lot of shit out to other FIRE bloggers. Do I think the concept is cool? Sure. I take issues though with some of the elitism, privilege, judgment, and just plain ridiculousness of the others. Our realities are very different, and I still think even with me out there, with me being, as my icon Chelsea Handler says, a "rich white woman," there's going to be a whole lot out there I'm still not gonna hit. Anywho.

I have a little intro post up over here. You can check that out to see me in all my glorious rich white lady-ness.

Other than that, the blogs are kind of split up into topics, which I have conceptualized at theoretical blog posts (i.e., me bitching and throwing shade at other bloggers) vs. nuts-n-bolts posts, where I tell you what I'm actually getting off my ass and doing to try to retire early, and why.

Even though this blog is kinda-sorta targeted at healthcare and other "professional" workers, all are welcome. (Unless you're a bicycle enthusiast, then you can get the fuck out!)

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