Student Loans

If you wanna refi your student loans, I would strongly suggest you check out the following - I have used both of these and have been pleased with them, so I can recommend them personally. I find SoFi's interface a little more user friendly, but Earnest definitely has more flexible terms and payment plans, and they've given me the lower interest rates, but YMMV. On the other hand, SoFi has a more active user community, and also offers things like personal loans and home loans. I have loans with both as of right now in 2017. Mmmmmmhm.



These are the blogs that I am working my way through at the moment, which I make vague references to in my other posts. (Okay, sometimes not so vague. Indeed, if you've read them, you know EXACTLY who I'm referring to most of the time. Anywho.) I like these for different reasons. Some of them I agree with more than others, but they all contribute to my thought process.


Pending. I listen to a shit ton of podcasts, I just don't feel like linking them all right now. Only so much for one day, peeps. It's past my normal bedtime -_-

Other Stuff

I just plain love Audible. Like, LOVE. I listen to it incessantly. I try to download books from my local library, but the Audible user interface is better, and now they have channels. Oh, channels, how I love thee, let me count the ways...I listen to things all the time because I don't really watch TV. So if I'm folding laundry, cooking, driving...I'm listening to either a podcast, a book from the library, or Audible. ATTENTION: Audible hack! Join as a gold member for a while, then threaten to cancel your membership. They'll let you downgrade to silver, where you'll only get a credit (and pay!) every other month, but still get the channels and stuff. Oooooh yeah, baby!


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