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I am a Lucky Motherfucker

I mentioned in my previous post that I was doing some contract work in Florida in an attempt to keep my payor sources diversified. I also mentioned that there was still somewhat of an unknown about what insurance would pay.'s not looking so hot for me. They way the new system is set up penalizes my work style. I work quickly and efficiently and they want start and stop times for everything. That means that I get paid less than some dumbass who it takes twice as long to do the same work. Thanks, insurance!

So that has taken even more of the glow off that work. In the meantime, in a very much out of the blue fashion, my in-state contract gave everyone a HUGE raise. How huge? Um, 100%. It's a 100% raise. My former government job and their 2% cost of living increase can SUCK IT! Hells yeah. Legit, I am probably the luckiest person I know. I was once described as catching angels as they fall.

As a part of this shift, apparently they are also clearing out quite a bit of …