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What I had Forgotten

I had a super, super interesting experience last week. In addition to the all-cash practice I've been doing both locally and all over the globe, through some weird co-incidence-type-thingies, I ended up also picking up a contract doing some insurance work in another state. I like going there in a general sense because I have family and friends in that particular area, so that was cool. Also, from a logical perspective, I felt the need to diversify my payor sources. I had basically two, the travel gig and the local gig, and going and doing this contract would throw a third into the mix: insurance.

I have a couple thoughts about this.

1) I'm not a big fan of insurance. I don't love having it in a lot of ways, and I'm less of a fan getting paid by it. It was worse than usual because they changed our CPT codes this year (for anyone not in the health industry, this is the five digit code that's supposed to describe what we did in a standardized fashion, presumably so t…