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A Revelation Today

This is gonna get a little deep. Grab a coffee and a blankey and get comfortable.

I mentioned back in my post about the evils of social media that I had a little anxiety when I left my day job. I'm not sure exactly when that subsided, but it did. In fact, I had a glorious few months.

Now it's December, and the shit has somewhat hit the fan. To be fair, I feel like this isn't really my "fault" because I have one client I've done over $3,000 of work for that hasn't paid me in a timely fashion. It became overdue, like, today. Fuckers. If I had that in my bank account right now, I'd probably be a little more comfortable. (Yes, I have sent them a pointed e-mail telling them my contract says they have 28 days to pay me and it's now 30, and I therefore expect a check this week. Fuckers.) Regardless, I noticed I am back to that initial May level of anxiety about things, which to me tells me I over-extended myself slightly.

Again, not my fault. I had some…