The Shifting of Wants

I mentioned - maybe in the last post? - that I used to want to do real estate to get out of my job but now that's shifting. I found myself without a boss, kinda doing things I liked to do. I forgot about that, the part that kept me in grad school and additional training for, oh, seven years. (Actually 9 with the freestanding masters, but I digress.) I found myself more bothered by my real estate stuff. I had owner financed one of my duplii (the plural of duplex? Duplexes?) to a nice young man who did a fantastic job with it - this was about a month before I actually left my job, I think right around the same time I gave notice. I had previously owner financed a house to a lovely Mexican family. Both of these proved to be excellent decisions. I really liked the stability of the income without the fluctuation of the repairs/maintenance/cap ex. And I shouldn't be hearing about any of those, I should only be talking to anyone if a payment is late. So...I sold more. I sold another duplex. I sold another SFH. Then another SFH again. Now I have exactly one rental that I'm responsible for. It freed up my time to dedicate to my new business but I still have some owner financing money coming in for anywhere from < 3 years to almost 20 years now, depending on the particular terms of the deal.

The new business has kept me busy. So far I've been to Manila twice, Japan three times, Puerto Rico once, and New Mexico a few times. Plus, I have been able to come up with some local work and piece a few consulting things together. Doing expense reports, payroll, all that. It's been good. Taken together, I want to stay in real estate, but in the future I want to cut out the middle-man so to speak and just be a hard money lender. I've made two small reno loans as well. I like those the best.

I tried the local cuisine in Kamakura. The little white things in the bowl are tiny little baby anchovies. Yup. Wanna see a close up??? Scroll to the very bottom...

I want to emphatically state that this is not a travel blog, because frankly, I have never much liked traveling. I have enjoyed my trips, but I'd really, REALLY like a week home this month. I'm in the process of shifting some things around to make that happen. Travel is something I never thought I'd do or enjoy doing for that matter. I have been surprised at how much I've enjoyed what I've done so far though. Part of that has been strategerie (my own word) - perhaps I should write a post or two about how to travel for people who hate to travel. It has piqued my interest in traveling slightly more than it was before, but honestly not to a large degree.

I had a friend ask me how my FI journey was going this week. Lately it seems slower, I guess because part of money lending (whether as doing owner financing or reno loans) is sending the money out. Then it has to come back to you. When it comes back, it will seem better.

I apologize for the semi-random disjointed thoughts, but as you can see, there's been a fair amount going on lately. I actually shared my online calendar with one of my friends so she can keep track of where I am because she was having a hard time...

That's all I've got for today. So going forward, I'm thinking a blog post about how to travel for non-travelers, and maybe a little bit about the travel points I've accumulated and what I'm doing with them...any other suggestions?

Told ya :) 


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