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The Shifting of Wants

I mentioned - maybe in the last post? - that I used to want to do real estate to get out of my job but now that's shifting. I found myself without a boss, kinda doing things I liked to do. I forgot about that, the part that kept me in grad school and additional training for, oh, seven years. (Actually 9 with the freestanding masters, but I digress.) I found myself more bothered by my real estate stuff. I had owner financed one of my duplii (the plural of duplex? Duplexes?) to a nice young man who did a fantastic job with it - this was about a month before I actually left my job, I think right around the same time I gave notice. I had previously owner financed a house to a lovely Mexican family. Both of these proved to be excellent decisions. I really liked the stability of the income without the fluctuation of the repairs/maintenance/cap ex. And I shouldn't be hearing about any of those, I should only be talking to anyone if a payment is late. So...I sold more. I sold another…