The Pressures of Social Media

I am not a huge fan of social media. I have went off it completely at several points in my life. At this point, I'm on it mostly to advertise my houses. It's been interesting though, I do engage with it since I feel like I may as well use it for something in between.

When I left my job, I think a lot of people assumed I had hit FI. That's not true. I just couldn't continue to, as the famous quote says, "lead a life of silent desperation" any longer. I'm completely thrilled I left. Got a lot of support. All good.

Now I'm on my first travel assignment since leaving. I'm in the middle of nowhere, because I'm up for an adventure. There is really nothing to do or see here. I had a 50% no-show rate on my first day because I'm in the middle of nowhere - there is no economy here, so I think a number of my evaluees were not gotten ahold of because they don't have phones. It's a "desolate" place, as one of the locals called it - she also told me she liked living here, which is interesting.

All that to say that there is a pressure to post the good stuff on social media. I can check in for my flight, talk about getting bumped to first class, the cool winery I went to for dinner...but that 50% no-show rate, nuh uh. It has to be aaaaaaallllllll good.

Now, time for some REAL TALK. (I feel like I have to type it like that because every time I see it, I think of R. Kelley yelling it in my head, ha!)

There are moments. There are moments where you're laying in bed at night and your brain is doing this:


In other words, if you're going to bail on your day job, I recommend either practicing meditation for ten years first, or getting enough anxiolytics to last you through the first few months.

But, I did find a dog sitter (after what I now refer to as the Great Dog Sitter Fiasco of 2018 - a story for another day), and I made my flights to Japan and the Philippines, and everything went pretty damn well.

Taken together, I would not go back to my old job for the world. I don't really want to write about the awesome parts yet though. I really enjoyed the Mad Fientist's post about looking back and his first year of freedom, and I want to take some time to let the good parts mascerate in their own juices a bit before I start talking about those.

What I'm more interested in talking about on here - because maybe social media is not the best place for an in-depth discussion anyway - is the struggle. There has been struggle, and there will continue to be. Hell, I still have no idea what I'll do for health insurance in 2019, although I think at this point a lot of people don't with what's going on in this country politically, so much of it I'll just be playing by ear as things go along. And my goals are shifting, the ways I want to spend my time. Before, I wanted to do real estate to get away from my day job. Now that I've had time to decompress, I'm starting to enjoy my day job again and my wants are shifting...


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