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The Pressures of Social Media

I am not a huge fan of social media. I have went off it completely at several points in my life. At this point, I'm on it mostly to advertise my houses. It's been interesting though, I do engage with it since I feel like I may as well use it for something in between.

When I left my job, I think a lot of people assumed I had hit FI. That's not true. I just couldn't continue to, as the famous quote says, "lead a life of silent desperation" any longer. I'm completely thrilled I left. Got a lot of support. All good.

Now I'm on my first travel assignment since leaving. I'm in the middle of nowhere, because I'm up for an adventure. There is really nothing to do or see here. I had a 50% no-show rate on my first day because I'm in the middle of nowhere - there is no economy here, so I think a number of my evaluees were not gotten ahold of because they don't have phones. It's a "desolate" place, as one of the locals called it - s…