Trying not to go dark again

It was kind of creepy looking back at my last blog post. I called it. My grandma was the one who was in the hospital and she passed about three days after I wrote that. And I did put in my resignation; I put it in today, to be exact.

I have a lot to say about this matter. A whole lot. I will refrain, at this point, from going on some sort of a rant about the bureaucracy I work/worked in. I feel like there's some kind of statute of limitations I have to let pass on that before I go full on whistleblower. I will say, however, that we have a cockroach problem there. I will entertain you with a recent picture from my office.

Sey 'ello to my leetle friend.
Okay, so on to the good stuff. As I mentioned, I turned in my resignation today. I knew I wanted to, slept on it for a night, went in and wrote the letter...and my boss was out. So I let it sit over the weekend and submitted it today.

The reason I'm trying not to go dark again is simply how busy I've been. It's not like I decided to just quit my job and try to be a professional nose picker or something. I immediately contacted a company I used to do contract work for, renewed my passport, applied for a license in a third state, contacted the appropriate party in that state about a training which will increase my opportunities...

And it's like magic. Things just come together. In that process, I managed to get a new contract to travel internationally to do work I know I like doing because I've done it before. Hence the passport renewal. The license thing is going fine, and once I get that, it opens additional opportunities for me. That's why I reached out about that training. And when I did, I got offered another W-2 job. I politely declined because the last thing I ever want again is a boss, but it's nice to know the option is there if I do happen to fall flat on my face.

From a nerdy point of view, this is all kind of cool because I get my own S-corp now. It's like a shiny new toy I get to play with. I'm also excited about the travel. Not so much the getting to see new places, more the travel points...

But really, every time I think about not having a boss again, I just do this weird giddy giggle. It's hard to explain how happy I am about things. It also makes me feel bad. Every time someone asks me how I am and I tell them I'm better than they could ever imagine, I feel bad I'm not still lying in bed crying about the loss of my grandma. She was instrumental to making me who I am. Although my family thinks I'm a little nutty just with my RE investing (wait until they hear about me quitting my nice safe job!) I think she would also be happy I seem happy.

Even though I'm not FI, this is kind of the first day of my FI life because I feel like I have domain over my own life now. I'm still winding down at my job, I gave them a little over a month of notice, but with the leave I have to burn and my thought of, "What are they going to do, fire me?" I feel a lot more free already. I feel like all of us humans have a tendency to think our lives are going to start after X happens, whether X be graduating school, getting a different job, getting married, paying off student loans, whatever. But my life is started now and I'm free.

Just busy.
I don't think the furry one's feeling the busy.


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