Just Breathe

This week has been a long pause in posting. I went to Florida for a wedding, and I think I saw the preface to a funeral. A family member of mine wound up in the hospital. I fought tooth and nail to keep her alive. It's a good thing I'm a "doctor" of sorts and knew some people at that hospital since it's where I used to work. Regardless, it's not looking good right now.

On the plus side, I took off work. I didn't have to worry about money or time. On the down side, I came back to a bit of a nastygram about it. They can fuck themselves. I have since asked how to turn in my resignation. I knew I needed to do RE and get my shit together and get FI, but apparently this has changed my life in a significant manner. When your boss reminds you of your clinical duties rather than asking you about how your family member in the hospital is, it's more than time to go. Just burning leave and wrapping up. I'm out by the next Federal holiday.

That's about all I have to say tonight. RE is going well, but there's about to be major shifts in other parts of my life soon. Layla's good. She's 7-and-a-half now! She's going to be an old lady soon. She played with a little puppy buddy at the dog sitter while I was gone. AWWWWW, isn't she cute???

Soooo tired from playing with the puppy. But not as tired as me, since I spent all week crying and sleeping 2 hours a night when not in a hospital. Good try though, pups.


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