You Might Be a Landlord If...

Landlording has put me into a number of ridiculous scenarios lately. I thought I would start sharing them with you for your amusement. Some even have pictures!

You might be a landlord if...

...You've showed up to Home Depot at 8:45 on a Tuesday night in your full pajamas and slippers, because it just occurred to you this is the only time you'll be able to get that part for that repair tomorrow.

...You leave yourself interesting little Post-Its like this:
The tool, not a warning about an actual snake in a toilet.

...You now have paint on every pair of jeans you own.

...You have approximately 7 LLCs, 4 trusts, 18 units, and 6 bank accounts to keep track of.

...Every time you get a text, you assume something bad just happened at one of your houses.

...You have so many keys. So many. And you're not sure what exactly all of them go to.

...You could probably build a house from all the random parts and extras you have stored in your basement.

...Someone has said, "Oh, I'll glue that back on later," and you've responded with, "I have some Gorilla Glue in my car if you want to do it now."

...You can identify all shades of neutral wall paint by brand, color name, and number.

...You always have a trash bag, toilet paper, and light bulbs in your car, just in case you need them.

I'm sure there's more, but I've been up too late, painting the walls in the new rent house a neutral color. Just before writing this, I got a call that a toilet was backed up, resulting in the note. So now, I'm going to bed. It has been a satisfying day :) Goodnight!


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