Um, wrong blog?

I'm doing so many RE posts I feel like I should have made my blog "The Gallavanting Landlord" or some shit. Meh. I said I was doing this as I go...and I went to RE.

I thought I would share some "after" pictures of the rent house. You can see that removing junk, a coat of paint, and an actual cleaning after 30 years of decay does a pretty damned good job at turning a place around.

This was the bedroom with the flamingo mirror!

This one I painted myself, for reals.

This one I took down the lamp and the painters took down the checkerboard foldy door thingies. I think they did a great job.

So there's that. Now on the day I'm writing this (2/5/18, for posterity), the #flashcrash just happened to the markets. I am surprisingly unconcerned by this. One reason is the real estate. Another is that a lot of my IRA funds are in international mutual funds, so my IRA barely got nicked. Haven't looked at my TSP yet, that one might hurt.

I'm also starting a bit of a new adventure - before this house was even done (it's still not technically done, the carpets get cleaned tomorrow...), someone called from the sign in the yard and asked if I did rent to own. Of course, I said yes. I think this is a legit buyer from what I've seen so far. Hm. I talked it over with some people, did the's a good idea. I advertised this one as for sale online with the same terms I discussed with the one potential buyer. If that doesn't work out, I'll just rent it like I was planning to all along.

In the meantime, the day job is chugging along. I find it challenging to focus when I have projects going on like this. It makes me want to take days off, but I think I'll be cutting it a little tight this year as it is with a wedding to attend next month, some things I want to do in April, my normal 4th of July family reunion + a friends reunion tacked on, et al.

BUT, it's about to get so much harder! I'm going in two days to meet a seller, contractor, and hard money lender to lock down my next project :) I may eventually end up taking a few days off for that sucker, there's so much I want to do.

Well, I always try to end with a question, but I don't think I have any today. Just tell me how pretty the house looks, please!


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