The Acceleration of Money

All the FI bloggers who are there (at FI) talk about that J-shaped curve, where you start off with a little, and feel like you're making no progress for...well, ever, then all the sudden, overnight, it's like you have a million dollars. All because money accelerates. You hit that tipping point at which it's coming in, and that money makes more money, and all the sudden, you're going downhill at 100 miles an hour (I mean downhill in terms of acceleration, not downhill like, in an "oh shit" kind of way).

I'm starting to see that. Not so much in my retirement accounts, because I regularly rape and pillage those for real estate purchases, but in the RE. It's amazing once you have a house or two and all the repairs are made and they're leased up and rent is coming's like a little miracle that every month $2000 or whatever just magically shows up in your account. THEN, someone suggests to you that instead of renting the house, would you owner finance it as a sale? Hm. Then all the sudden, it's more money, with less work.

I'm owner financing (it looks like....signing the papers this week hopefully) a house to a lovely Mexican family. I talked about it in another blog post, how I feel I'm helping people get nice, safe, affordable housing of their own that they otherwise wouldn't be able to get. That is a good feeling. Now, full disclosure, the last guy who I wrote that blog post about is the one who abandoned at Christmas. Regardless, he left the house in really (surprisingly) good condition, paid for a few months, and I learned a little bit more about what to do when someone doesn't pay rent, you think you might have to evict, etc., so it's all good.

This is also putting me in a position (already!) to help junior wanna-be-landlords. I can owner finance things to them that they otherwise may not be able to purchase from a bank, and mentor them through things. It looks like that's a part of the story that's just opening up to me, which is super cool.

Work is also looking up. I feel like I was getting a little burnt out and sick of the bureaucracy. Took a week to travel and interview postdoc candidates, hung out with my family. I'm refreshed. And now I have two super awesome postdocs, and I feel a lot of responsibility for their future career success. They are now my "why" for my day job. This will make the next 2.5 years much, much more endurable. I'm just thrilled with them. So that's accelerating to some extent too.


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