Tenant Screening

You would think people would use basic manners if they want to rent your house. This is not the case. I have stories. Let me tell you just the one from today.

I had a lady who showed up on time for her appointment to see the home. She was pleasant enough. She did, however, show up in cotton short shorts and house slippers. A little ghetto, but okay.

What I did not care for is that she brought a male friend with her. And I don't care that she did that, but this particular guy. In no world is he a plus. I looked in his eyes and thought, "Where do I know that look?" I knew it was a vampire movie...I Googled 2000s vampire movies later. Oh yeah, now I remember, this one.
30 Days of Night, FYI
He had the biggest, blackest pupils. They took up his whole iris. And he kinda tended to scrunch his face like that too. Gait was abnormal. At first, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and think neurological disorder. Nope, just high. Not sure on what, but he was twitchy. If I have to use another movie reference, think zombies in 28 Days Later. I constantly watched him to try to tell if he was carrying and if I would have to shoot him for any reason. He also turned out to be nice enough on that particular day anyway. But his speech would come out in little bursts of speed, then he'd kind of have a moment of lucidity, then go back to being kinda twitchy and speedy.

Um, no. If I legit think I may need to gouge out your eyes to save myself should you ever attack me (back to zombie movie references), I am not going to rent a house to anyone who even knows who you are, much less someone who thinks it's a good idea to bring your junkie ass along for the tour. Just no. I do not think this is unreasonable.



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