The World's Worst Blogger

I am aware that I may be eligible for some kind of nomination for shittiest blog. I rarely post, the ideas are mostly thought-vomit, and lately there is not even a generalized theme to said vomit. I am posting this largely because I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was posting my recent landlording adventures on Facebook. He, being a Facebook heretic, asked me why I wasn't blogging about them. I said I was ambivalent. It's true. I really don't like it when people talk about how they're going to do 3 posts a week to build their empire and all that. I hate marketing. That's one reason I don't buy shit. Why should I market to anyone if I hate marketing? Makes no sense. But he thinks FB is evil and uses mind control as well, and I kinda agree with that. Therefore I remain ambivalent about which is the lesser of the two evils.

But enough of that! My recent landlording adventures have seemed very toilet-centric. I can now change toilet water lines. I can snake a toilet. I can replace a toilet handle. I have pictures of all of these epic, epic events. And I have a super cute picture of my dog, honeybadger style, not giving a FUCK about riding in the back seat along with a ladder. See?

Layla DGAF! Surprising since she has PTSD and is afraid of most things.

Yeah, so that's what I've been busy with. I had some....uh, unexpected turnover...of one unit a few days before Christmas. I'm learning a lot. Like, a LOT. Some of it is about home maintenance. I mean, damn, I thought I was badass before, but this is a whole new level.

Some of it is about business. Accounting is kinda hard, which I guess is why they have a whole college degree about it. In case you were wondering, I very highly recommend you read at least one QuickBooks for Dummies book before starting your own company, and that statement is not a joke.

It occurred to me today as I was driving that getting into real estate is starting a business. The difference between real estate and starting any other kind of business is that your average idiot thinks he (or she) can do real estate, but people do not really have this delusion about other businesses. For example, I do not believe to the smallest degree I can start a dance school, or sell computer microchips (is that an actual thing?), or offer a medical billing service. But I can do real estate! It boggles my mind how many educational whatevers...blogs, podcasts, books, courses, YouTube channels...are dedicated to it and marketing that. Much less than other business endeavors, despite them all being probably similar to a fairly large degree. That was kind of a revelation. As I was thinking about the mouse shit I needed to clean out of my vacant unit, I wondered why I didn't take up selling candles or some (other) shit instead.

And now, for a photocollage (used loosely; I'm just going to stick the pictures on here) of the rest of my recent adventures!

My tenant left me some clothes. How thoughtful.

It's 9 degrees and my rent house is about to not have heat, woo!
Also note my sparkly nails for Xmas. Great timing on both fronts.

Did he also leave me a jar of urine?!? Took bets on this one, so I know the answer...

Broken toilet handle....

Held in place with a baggie twist tie, but bless him, it was still functional.

I fixed that MOFO! (I left the twist tie though. Still functional!)
And then the toilet started leaking water all over the bathroom, but I found the leak! I'm like the Sherlock Holmes of rent houses.

I fixed that MOFO too!

Backup heater, for next time a tenant abandons in winter and I have to make sure the pipes don't freeze. This little $38 SOB is pretty amazing

The biggest, baddest toilet snake one can purchase at Home Depot. You know what they say about guys and big trucks, what do they say about women and big toilet snakes, hm?

Well, the picture formatting is a little weird but I can't seem to fix it on this platform. Guess that's why I'm a landlord and don't have delusions of being a professional blogger...


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