And Another One!

As a certain DJ says...

Closed the next rent house as scheduled. I cleaned SOOOOOO much shit out of it. So much. I have to call for extra trash pickups. Yes, more than one extra. It's crazy how much shit people accumulate. They just stick it in a closet and forget they have it and then buy 3 more, because they have coupons or something. There were so many cans of furniture duster. Jesus.

Anywho, here's some pictures of what it looks like post-clean out, pre-painting and cleaning. Again, forgive my formatting, this is not my specialty.

Flamingo mirror for the win!

This is after I removed the potty seat. I knew I went to grad school for a reason.

What does it say when you spent 6-figures on grad school and you'd rather take down old curtains?

Those papery folding laundry room doors add a certain je ne sais quoi, no? 

I also found some cool shit and learned a few things. I found this stuffs:

Who doesn't need a walnut-headed fisherman?

Who doesn't need a mini anvil?

I have learned that these are, basically, an upholstery hammer and a vice-grip, respectively. 
I may eventually post some pictures of the finished product, but that's all I got for now, I'm still cleaning shit out. The painting and cleaning and whatnot is hopefully happening this next week.

To "celebrate," I put this house into my Personal Capital account. That made a small incremental difference in the whole number at this point, because of course there was the initial outlay vs. the the rent comes in, the difference will get bigger. Regardless, it occurred to me to go back and look and see what real estate has done to my net worth. In the past 7-ish months (since I started the companies around June, actually purchased the first units in July), my net worth has increased by a little over $150,000. I found that very interesting since I don't feel much richer. I guess what they say is true, RE is only worth that much if you can sell it for that much...but still. I remember how happy I was when I bought that first set of properties and it took me from negative (because of my evil, evil student loans), to significantly positive. That was a great day.

So, the adventure continues. House updates soon. LOC liquidating updates soon. Probably other stuff. Mmmmmhm.

And here's a pic of the furry one at the rent house with me, who I intend to treat as a security dog for tax deduction purposes. She really does spend all day with me at vacant houses, scaring people away. She definitely did yesterday, people started approaching the house (it was popular with that For Rent sign in the yard!) timidly, saying, "Where's that dog?"

She's looking out the window, always vigilant.


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