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And Another One!

As a certain DJ says...

Closed the next rent house as scheduled. I cleaned SOOOOOO much shit out of it. So much. I have to call for extra trash pickups. Yes, more than one extra. It's crazy how much shit people accumulate. They just stick it in a closet and forget they have it and then buy 3 more, because they have coupons or something. There were so many cans of furniture duster. Jesus.

Anywho, here's some pictures of what it looks like post-clean out, pre-painting and cleaning. Again, forgive my formatting, this is not my specialty.

I also found some cool shit and learned a few things. I found this stuffs:

I may eventually post some pictures of the finished product, but that's all I got for now, I'm still cleaning shit out. The painting and cleaning and whatnot is hopefully happening this next week.

To "celebrate," I put this house into my Personal Capital account. That made a small incremental difference in the whole number at this point, because of cours…

Stopping to Count

Closed on another rent house today. This one, I'll have my hands full with for a short while. It was part of an estate, so there's still some stuff in it and it was last re-decorated in approximately 1979. Actually, that may have been when it was built...maybe it was just decorated in 1979. Anyway, there's some cleaning and painting that's going to be happening, the decor probably won't change for a while. Just gotta get it rented.

Sometimes people ask me how many houses I have now, and that's difficult to answer. Are we counting my primary residence in there, which I bought really to eventually AirBnB and which I rent out when I'm traveling? Hm. Also, do they mean doors or actual physical buildings?

So when I stop to count, I've had four closings, on five buildings, which is a total of seven units. See? Tricky.

What's interesting is that when I started this, I actually didn't imagine going this big this quick. If I look back at my business pla…

Catchy Title TBD

I didn't want to call this one "Hacking your HELOC!" Firstly, that's what everyone else calls it. Secondly, I don't have a fucking HELOC because I only put down 10% on my house. (That's what investors DO baby, leverage!) But I am hacking a regular old line of credit. So what does that leave us with?

Lamaze your LOC?
Lick your LOC?
Lock down your LOC? (Too redundant?)

Ooooh, ooooh, I got it!


I love doing stupid little acronyms and word plays. The favorite part of my research is coming up with those fun titles to call a study so everyone's just like, "Yeah, the RaINBoW study showed...." and it's this mess of the first few letters of a bunch of words strung together to just remotely kinda sorta describe what the study did. FAVORITE PART. But I digress.

To make a long story short, I been doing a little research on this bitch, and I think it will work. So typically, people hack their HELOC and pay down their house …

The World's Worst Blogger

I am aware that I may be eligible for some kind of nomination for shittiest blog. I rarely post, the ideas are mostly thought-vomit, and lately there is not even a generalized theme to said vomit. I am posting this largely because I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was posting my recent landlording adventures on Facebook. He, being a Facebook heretic, asked me why I wasn't blogging about them. I said I was ambivalent. It's true. I really don't like it when people talk about how they're going to do 3 posts a week to build their empire and all that. I hate marketing. That's one reason I don't buy shit. Why should I market to anyone if I hate marketing? Makes no sense. But he thinks FB is evil and uses mind control as well, and I kinda agree with that. Therefore I remain ambivalent about which is the lesser of the two evils.
But enough of that! My recent landlording adventures have seemed very toilet-centric. I can now change toilet water lines. I can snake a…