The Dust Settles

I am getting things settled. I will spare the details for now, but I think I'll have the last lease signed in 2-3 weeks. That last one is another one that involves government agency approval, henceforth the slow progress, but it's all good.

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What I look like now that I'm the landlord. Like the grill?

Let me go back to something I mentioned last post: the scarcity vs. abundance mindset. I know, I KNOW that technically every penny saved is equivalent to 1.33 or so pennies earned in my tax bracket. Yet I cannot seem to pull off all these FI tricks that other bloggers do. I tend to be the luckiest motherfucker I know. I was once described as catching angels as they fall. I also have a doctorate, so I'd like to think I'm not quite as dumb as a box of rocks, yet I can't do it. Therefore, I CALL BULLSHIT.

They're all like, "Shop around for insurance, save $900 per month!!!" Uh, no. I started with car insurance. It didn't work out. See my post about that adventure here. 

One of my personal strengths, however, is my persistence. So that one didn't work out, let me try another way to save money that doesn't involve stealing ketchup packets and toilet paper from McDonalds. What do all the other bloggers do? THEY CHANGE THEIR CELL PHONE SERVICE. Why pay a perfectly reasonable $60 a month for a cellular plan when you can pay $12 for vastly downgraded services? (Can you sense already that I'm skeptical?) I decided to try it.

I opted to go with the much-touted Republic Wireless. Two main reasons here: 1) They had a reasonably priced Android phone. 2) There is some weirdness with Google Fi and Google Voice being on the same account. Again, I feel as though I wasted vital, precious minutes of my life even bothering to delve into the depths of these technicalities, but to save $80,000 when the $4.32/monthly savings is compounded over 30 years (or whatever-the-fuck calculations they all made), hey, it's worth it right?

I get my Republic phone and it is sweet. I'm excited. I port my number over and get everything set up. Seems okay. Except when I make a long call to my family it drops like 3 times. I learn how to make the phone call over wifi even though cell services is purportedly available; then it only drops occasionally per long call. I can deal with that to save a little money. 

Now keep in mind, this is at the point in time I have my RE business set up and am trying to buy another house, get things leased up, etc. I have lots of calls to make and internet stuffs to do on my phone, especially considering I'm a government employee. There is no wifi where I work, and the computers are pretty secured, so I'm left pecking away at my phone during the day if I need to handle personal business.

My phone is about as effective for making calls as one of those pink plastic Barbie phones I had as a kid in the 80s. Most of the time it doesn't ring. If I can get a call to connect it drops. I have service effectively nowhere, despite what the coverage maps say. I try to go on the help forums for answers to see if I'm doing something wrong. The techno-speak was beyond me, but basically the answer I got was no, apparently this particular phone is not compatible with a certain network tower or something, so being in BFE, Arkansas, I am just screwed.
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Super-effective for business calls.
I got so pissed off, I went into a Verizon store and literally just told them to get me a working phone TODAY. I threw money at them and said "HANDLE IT." They did. On the plus side, I just got a new SIM card and kept my new phone (the old phone was a lemon, I immediately Ebay'd it as soon as it was deactivated). 

What did I learn from all this? Apparently the universe only wants to work with me personally on the abundance side of things. Now, on that side...I have had a pretty easy time getting loans, getting the places leased up, and even getting business partners. Some of that has been unexpectedly easy. Personally, that seems to be my skill set and I'm going to keep going down that path. If you can magically do the GEICO thing and spend 5 minutes to save 50% or whatever, good for you. Maybe I was already pretty optimized. That's all I've got for that hypothesis.

Have putting any of these money-savings things into place actually worked for you or have you also ended up wanting to kick people in the teeth for even suggesting them and wasting your time? I'm curious; do tell...


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