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The Dust Settles

I am getting things settled. I will spare the details for now, but I think I'll have the last lease signed in 2-3 weeks. That last one is another one that involves government agency approval, henceforth the slow progress, but it's all good.

Let me go back to something I mentioned last post: the scarcity vs. abundance mindset. I know, I KNOW that technically every penny saved is equivalent to 1.33 or so pennies earned in my tax bracket. Yet I cannot seem to pull off all these FI tricks that other bloggers do. I tend to be the luckiest motherfucker I know. I was once described as catching angels as they fall. I also have a doctorate, so I'd like to think I'm not quite as dumb as a box of rocks, yet I can't do it. Therefore, I CALL BULLSHIT.

They're all like, "Shop around for insurance, save $900 per month!!!" Uh, no. I started with car insurance. It didn't work out. See my post about that adventure here. 
One of my personal strengths, however, is m…