The Rent Lady Speaks

In two weeks, I closed on 5 units. I am, as one of my residents put it, "the rent lady" now. Of those five units, two came rented, one (which I will forever lovingly refer to as "my problem child,") I rented surprisingly quickly. Like really. That's been my biggest surprise. Another one has an application pending, there is a government agency involved in terms of housing vouchers, but I expect that one to be (*fingers crossed*) occupied by the first of the month. And of course, the one I thought was the best and would be easiest to rent, it's still open. I've had some interest, not a ton. Except from one drug dealer, but that's a whole 'nother story.

For some reason, every time I hear "rent lady" an image of Madea comes into my head. Maybe that's just because of the tenant who called me that.

I have learned an amazing amount about rentals and business in general in just my 3 weeks of landlording. I have stories to share with you...about the drug dealer, about some changes I tried to make in regards to the abundance vs. scarcity mindset, about all kinds of things. They are coming. But until I get these last two units filled, time's still a little tight. It's weird to me to think of what I'll do with all my spare time once I'm not running around like a crazy person making sure window panes are fixed and lawns are mowed and leases are signed.

But right now, I'm proud of myself. That's another surprise. I feel very accomplished, and I'm legitimately (I hate to keep using the word surprised, but astonished and amazed are too strong, hm...) surprised also by how I feel like I'm now in a position to help people. I think - and I could be reading this wrong - some of the people I'm renting to are very thankful to have a nice place to live due to some blemishes in their background. Whether that be a felony 20 years ago, bad credit, whatever. I trust my "spidey sense" though (as my friend put it). You don't work in the places I've worked with the people I've seen and not develop a sense of who is going to screw you and who's not. So for whatever reason, I'm finding that more rewarding than I am my doctor stuff at the moment.

Gotta run, another busy day ahead, but I'm excited to write a LOT more soon. 


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