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The Rent Lady Speaks

In two weeks, I closed on 5 units. I am, as one of my residents put it, "the rent lady" now. Of those five units, two came rented, one (which I will forever lovingly refer to as "my problem child,") I rented surprisingly quickly. Like really. That's been my biggest surprise. Another one has an application pending, there is a government agency involved in terms of housing vouchers, but I expect that one to be (*fingers crossed*) occupied by the first of the month. And of course, the one I thought was the best and would be easiest to rent, it's still open. I've had some interest, not a ton. Except from one drug dealer, but that's a whole 'nother story.

For some reason, every time I hear "rent lady" an image of Madea comes into my head. Maybe that's just because of the tenant who called me that.

I have learned an amazing amount about rentals and business in general in just my 3 weeks of landlording. I have stories to share with you...…