Adventures in Car Insurance and Free Associations regarding Side-Gigs

Whew! It's been a while since I've posted. I know all 2 of my readers (both of which are my friends to whom I've happened to mention this domain name) are on the edge of their seats, just waiting for more!

A lot has been going on. Like, a lot a lot. But as I repeatedly state, I ain't got that much time because I work and stuff, so I'm going to limit this post today to a recent adventure in car insurance purchasing that I had recently.

Many other blogs talk about doing things like cutting your cable or re-negotiating your car insurance and how this ONE TIME negotiation for better rates then repeats indefinitely into the future to infinity and beyond! It saves you MILLIONS of dollars over your lifetime, all with just TEN MINUTES of work!!!

Uh, no.

I decided to test this out, so a while ago I started tinkering with the insurance estimate on my car. I found out I could save a few bucks if I dropped some optional coverages and increased my collision deductible from $1000 to $2000. (My car is a 2013 model work approximately 13k, I still want full coverage. And no, I definitely do not want to sell it and buy a used one. Why? Because that would take days of my life, then transferring the plates and insurance and all that would take many, many more hours of me wanting to bang my head against things, so just no. When this one dies, maybe I'll consider buying certified used instead of new. That's as good as that's going to get, m'kay?)

So I think this was going to save me something like $54 every 6 months. Not an epic amount, but enough for me to click a few buttons online and sign a form and send it in (you have to do that to decline certain coverages in some states, apparently). I felt mildly self satisfied with this proposition.

When the renewal notice comes in, I click the buttons. Then I go to submit my payment, premium increased by $12. WTF?!? I decided to be the annoying person who calls the insurance company and asks why, all the sudden, they now have sand in their vagina and want to raise my rates. I didn't magically have an accident in the 2.47 milliseconds it took for that button-clicking to go through.

I asked my question and was on hold with this company (who shall remain nameless - FOR NOW!) for literally 24 minutes. I should have taken a screenshot, but alas, it didn't occur to me at the time. After being on hold forever, I find out that the increase is a combination of two things. Actually, I think she told me three, but my brain went numb after two, so definitely these two. One is that my area did, indeed, have a "rate revision," and so costs went up for everyone in this zip code. Another apparently had to do with me now no longer having a multi-policy discount. This point makes no sense because the last time I had two policies with them was on November 29, the day I closed on the sale of my house, and I renewed my policy with them on December 4, when I had to have proof of insurance in this state to get a new driver's license. But apparently maybe they hadn't processed the cancellation of my other policy yet? That's the only thing I can figure.

The moral of the story is that really, I try not to be a whiny, pessimistic, cunt. But I really do think other blogs make this shit sound way too easy. I don't know about you, but this is not how I want to spend my time. My newly increased policy is going to have to do until it's time to renew it again in another six months, because I wasted what I would estimate to be approximately four hours of my life on all this shit so far, and that's all I'm willing to give at the moment.

Have any of y'all had a super-easy, TV-infomercial-style-life-improvement from trying to change your insurance and cell phone and other policies/plans/whatevers? I somehow doubt I'm having a uniquely shitty experience here. Tell me about it!

*Note: I just realized I didn't get to the free-associations regarding side gigs part. Stay tuned for that, my brain is mushy, I can't write any more today. 


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