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Adventures in Car Insurance and Free Associations regarding Side-Gigs

Whew! It's been a while since I've posted. I know all 2 of my readers (both of which are my friends to whom I've happened to mention this domain name) are on the edge of their seats, just waiting for more!

A lot has been going on. Like, a lot a lot. But as I repeatedly state, I ain't got that much time because I work and stuff, so I'm going to limit this post today to a recent adventure in car insurance purchasing that I had recently.

Many other blogs talk about doing things like cutting your cable or re-negotiating your car insurance and how this ONE TIME negotiation for better rates then repeats indefinitely into the future to infinity and beyond! It saves you MILLIONS of dollars over your lifetime, all with just TEN MINUTES of work!!!

Uh, no.

I decided to test this out, so a while ago I started tinkering with the insurance estimate on my car. I found out I could save a few bucks if I dropped some optional coverages and increased my collision deductible from $10…