Social appropriateness and other random free associations

It occurs to me I have a number of socially stigmatizing hobbies. I love to talk about personal finance, cutting up fixed brains, and statistics, woo! For some reason, no one wants to talk to me about these things for the most part. And for the most part, they will also actively tell me they're trying NOT to think about the financial part, especially if they have student loan stress. (The stats and the brains I have a little bit better luck talking about at work, but the finances are a no-go about anywhere.)

Now, I do kind of have friends. But it was interesting because tonight a friend of mine invited me to hang out at an event where people run and drink beer. I jokingly responded that I would have nothing in common with those people because I need to meet people who drink wine and want to chat about poisson distributions. He did not pursue the issue. (I hate running. I'd rather be set on fire. Also GF for about 7 years, so not much for beer either.)

I am a fine wine connoisseur, clearly.

I actually did stay home and work on a research manuscript, which is indirectly kind of about brains. It involves stats. When I needed a break from that, I analyzed my investment portfolio to see if I was actually losing money by not having those in an index fund. I am. But I started that sucker back in 2004 when I was TWENTY FUCKING YEARS OLD, so good for me anyway. It's something. I'll transfer it out at my next meeting with that financial advisor, in July. I also texted with an acquaintance who is interested in FIRE about this issue. That was really nice.

It would be nice to have a built in community on this blog (pipe dreams) or elsewhere to talk about the financial stuff. I may seriously need to start a Meetup group at some point to find other people who want to talk about money, because I'm pretty sure I had more fun at home this evening than I would have out and about.

And despite the above, I did not drink tonight. I did eat a copious amount of strawberries with dark chocolate. My reward for a productive evening!

Curious as to what others' experiences are. It seems from other blogs there a lot of instant shut down of conversation with mention of finances or numbers. Anyone see any way around that or is that just kind of is what it is? Have you found or made a community you can turn to not so much to get "support" about things but just to chat with like-minded individuals and generally nerd out about finance stuff?

As I've been listening to podcasts and reading more blogs about FIRE and related topics, I'm learning it takes about 18 months for these things to pick up steam, and that seems to be if you take them really seriously and know about web development (which I'm not doing, pfft!), so I'm not holding my breath for a response from anyone at this point, but it would be nice one day...


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